Now that you have a quality bottle of wine, bottle opener and glasses, all that’s left to do is to find the right scenery and enjoy the many options the northern Golan Heights has to offer. The Bahat Winery is located in Kibbutz Ein Zivan, in the northeastern part of the Golan Heights.

The kibbutz is three kilometers away from the Syrian border, and a very short drive or reasonable walk can get you from the winery to the Kuneitra Valley area. In the valley, you can see the vineyards from which the winery makes the wine you are drinking. During harvest season, you can join a tour and follow how grapes are processed into quality wine.

We will be glad to tell you about unique bike trails that combine nature, scenery and heritage sites, making for an unforgettable day at a stone’s throw away. Below are several recommendations for places worth visiting.

The Kuneitra Valley Observation Point spreads before you the Syrian portion of the Golan Heights and the Syrian city of Kuneitra. Kuneitra means arch, named after the Arch Bridge the road to Damascus ran through. During the Six Day War, Kuneitra was abandoned by its residents and thus taken without battle. Kuneitra remained in Israeli hands from 1967 to the 1973 Yom Kippur War. During these years, the IDF conducted combat training in built-up areas in the abandoned town. After the war, the town was returned to the Syrians under the armistice agreements. The Syrians did not restore Kuneitra’s ruins, but built next to it a new town called Kuneitra Jadida, or New Kuneitra.

The Kuneitra Observation Point is located at the foot of Mount Avital. The observation point can also be reached by Tomcar, bicycle or horse! Anyone who wants to ascend a volcano (inactive…) can climb Mount Bental. From the 1204 meter high mountain, you can see the view in all directions, drink coffee at Coffee Anan, and even go down into the dug out bunkers on the mountain which are open to the general public to wander in.

In April and May, you can view the purple blooming of the Aram Naharaim iris nearby the kibbutz and of course, the profusion of blossoming deciduous groves.

From May on, at the peak of summer, you can join a fruit picking for the entire family: cherries, nectarines, plums, apples, berries and of course, grapes for wine.

Antiquities enthusiasts can visit Bab al-Hawa, Gate of the Winds. This ancient site was excavated, yielding the discovery of the remains of a settlement and artifacts from the Iron Age (biblical times) to the Byzantine period. These remains are hundreds and thousands of years old. Among other things, you can see structures and a burial cave there.

If you have arrived in the region in the fall or winter, you can drive a bit southward towards the Bashnit ridge. On your way, you can pass by Mount Bnei Rasan and watch turbines used to produce more than enough electricity for all Golan Heights residents by environment-friendly means.

A pleasant stroll on the Bashnit ridge will lead you to autumn carpets of sternbergias, colchicums and crocuses.

If you desire dessert, it’s time to backtrack and visit the chocolate factory in Ein Zivan, rest a little, shower and return for a merry evening at the Bahat Winery wine bar.

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